Norowal Marina Frequently Asked Questions

Is Norowal a public marina?

Yes, Norowal is a public marina open to all.

When does Norowal open for the season?

Norowal begins operation April 15th.

Does Norowal have boat repair capabilities?

No, Norowal has no repair capability.

Does Norowal have a store for food or boating items?

Norowal carries limited marine items, no food items but limited snacks, soda and ice are available.

Can I park my boat & trailer for an extended period of time at Norowal?

Yes, Norowal has extensive parking capacity for boats & trailers.

Can I get my boat inspected for invasives and cleaned if necessary at Norowal?

Yes, both inspection and boat washing if required are done at Norowal.

Can I get the annual Lake George Park Commission sticker at Norowal?

Yes, Norowal sells the LGPC annual sticker.

Can I reserve any camping island or day use sites at Norowal?

No, Norowal does not handle camping or day use reservations.

What facilities does Norowal have to aid campers?

Rest rooms, shower facilities and washer & dryers are available at Norowal.

Can I sleep on my boat docked at Norowal?

Yes, sleeping on your boat is allowed at Norowal.

Can I dock my boat for an extended period at Norowal?

Yes, docking is available from one day to the complete season. Winter storage is also available at Norowal.